Cycling holidays are fun for all the family

After Rachel's European cycling holidays in the lovely Italian region of Tuscany here's Joe Walsh with more tips and insights on this kind of holidays...

There is nothing wrong with lying by the pool and sipping a cocktail; for many people this is their ideal holiday. However, there are more and more people wanting to get a little more active on holiday. Let's take a look at some of the reasons to take a cycling holiday.

Relaxation - Keeping active does not mean that you don't get to relax. Cycling holidays are the perfect combination of leisurely activity and relaxation. Cycling offers a host of benefits for the body and mind. It is an excellent way of keeping fit and healthy and can build stamina. It is a particularly good way of getting a cardiac workout. In addition, it is good for the mind. What could be more relaxing than riding slowly through the beautiful countryside under your own steam? Cycling is an excellent way to put you back in touch with the good things in life and remind you what is really important!
Freedom - With a family cycling holiday the world is yours. Family cycling holidays offer a unique opportunity to create your own bespoke itinerary. The freedom of the road is yours. However, if you choose to book through a specialist travel company they can help you to arrange the perfect route making sure that you and your family avoid busy roads and stay safe! In addition, the travel company will be able to offer you expert advice on a range of issues from the correct type of clothing to the correct emergency equipment to pack. They will also have a range of bikes to hire if you don't have your own.

Kids Play - If you're not careful, family holidays can often turn into battleground. Keeping the kids offline and away from their video games can take a mammoth effort. The endless tours round attractions and theme parks can drain the finances. Family cycling holidays can solve that problem. Kids love exploration and cycling through the countryside gives them the freedom they crave. In addition, they will learn valuable skills such as navigation, road sense and problem solving.
Going Green - These days we are all a little more eco conscious. Not only will cycling keep you fit, but it will help to cut down on the pollution caused by traditional gas guzzling holiday transport. Not only that, but by choosing to holiday in the great outdoors your tourist money will help to pay for the upkeep and regeneration of our countryside areas. Leaving the car at home will be good for the budget saving you money when you use pedals instead of petrol on your family cycling holiday.

Back to Nature - Britain has 15 national parks which are home to an abundance of animal species, wild flowers and trees. Cycling is an ideal way to see wide variety of wildlife. What's more, cycling is extremely low impact, helping to protect the countryside, mountains and valleys that are their home. In addition, you can plan your itinerary to take in some of the many breathtaking landmarks, vistas and monuments that the British countryside has to offer.

A big thanks to Joe, a seasoned traveler who writes extensively for numerous websites and blogs. He is passionate about alternative holidays and believes family cycling holidays offer holidaymakers freedom, choice and value. Thanks! :)