An Italian Saga

Helping me promote my beloved Italy here's Dawnrichard with an other view and opinion about Milan. Home to several cultural places worthy of note the city is also of major importance in the North of the country - an European must visit. With a big thanks for the article and photos, words to you Dawnrichard :)

Italy has always fascinated me with its unique dishes and culture. That is why I was quite happy when my company asked me to visit Milan. Our company was planning to expand our business and the aim of my visit was to conduct a pre-marketing survey to know about the chances of opening a branch office here. Since I have conducted many surveys even before, the company has decided on me as the best person for this work. I too took it as a compliment and started my preparation for the travel.
As an official trip I had to go with cheap tickets. At the same time I do not want to rush for the last minute flights. Hence my first work was to make out a list of cheap flights to Milan and to try for tickets in any of those flights. Milan has developed a lot after the Italian Miracle of 1950’s and 60’s. Hence, the city has been visited by a large number of people from all over the world. Being a busy route, many major airlines such as Air Jamaica, Air Canada etc are operating a number of flights to Milan. I have purchased one of the cheap tickets to Milan and flew on a fine morning.

On the way from the airport, I could feel the developments of the city. It has become rich and the life over there has become busy too. Just like any other cities in the world, a large number of foreigners were also visible on the street. As my cab passed Piazza Del Duomo, the main center of the city, the driver told me that if I want to have some purchases, it can be done here. I just smiled and said no.

After finishing my work I took time to visit various places in the city. The city houses a large number of buildings which are very good examples for the excellence in architecture. Right from the ancient ones to the modern buildings exist in the city. Cathedral of Seville has a large number of marble statues. I really enjoyed the moments I spent there.
Castello Sforzesco is another old structure which is built in the fifth century. Though some parts of it have got damaged the authorities are keeping the structure in good condition. I have spent almost half a day on the courtyard of this building which was the residence of Sforzesco who ruled the city in the fifth century. I was trying to recollect some historical events connected to him.

Milan has more to offer you when you visit the city. The restaurants and bars which serve traditional cuisines are main attraction and in the evenings almost all restaurants will be full with visitors. There are a few night clubs too which entertain the people.