Last Minute Cruises: Is it worth it?

Chances are that most of people hadn't yet thought on taking advantage of last minute deals for cruises... To tell you the truth I had never even consider the possibility. After reading this article from Catherine I'll be for sure reevaluating that option :)

As everyone knows, the last-minute holiday market is a bustling one that's always packed to the rafters with fantastic deals ready to be snapped up by anyone daring enough to wait until the last minute. Most late deals are associated with land-based beach holidays and, since companies like Late Rooms and Last Minute have grown in popularity, other experiences like overnight hotel stays, spa days and weekend city breaks have also become a large part of the late deal market.
Cruise Ships
But what about last minute cruises? A cruise holiday might not be your first port of call for a bargain break. However, contrary to popular opinion, there are plenty of low-cost cruise holidays out there - it's just a matter of choosing your favourite.

Late deals on cruise holidays come in all shapes and sizes and offer a great way to save money on a unique and exciting holiday. Each one varies, but most cruises will offer all-inclusive dining, use of facilities, evening entertainment and of course a list of stunning destinations to visit. Features like excursions and onboard drinks will usually be chargeable, but even then you can often find discounts by scouring the web for associated deals.
Cruise Ship
Booking within the last few weeks before the departure date is when you'll often find the best deals, but availability is limited - so you'll need to be flexible and be prepared to compromise in order to snap up the best deals. The great thing is that you can usually find last-minute offers across the whole cruise holiday spectrum - so whether you want to book Celebrity cruises, enjoy the onboard entertainment of Royal Caribbean International or just take a fun-filled mini cruise to Amsterdam and back, there's a whole host of special offers available. So, what are you waiting for...?

Thanks Catherine for the tip and also thanks to Open Galleries for the cruise photos!