Eco Tourism in Mexico

As promised here I am again with more details from my last visit to Mexico...

After checking out the many options I've ended up in a beautiful Eco Resort near Playa del Carmen. The option is absolutely perfect for those who, like us, travel with kids. Staying either near Playa del Carmen or a bit up to the North near Cancun brings that extra security of having everything available in just a few minutes. If you find that you've left the milk or the diapers at home you can always catch a taxi or a small mini-bus and go to the nearest supermarket ;)

Staying in an Eco Resort ensures you that close contact with nature that both kids and grown ups love. Besides the pleasure of swimming among the many colorful fishes always present in the Riviera Maya coastline, you can also count with racoons, cuatis and turtles. Bellow are just a few of my most recent Mexican friends...
Mexico is without doubt a very complete destination, perhaps the most complete on the Caribbean. As always the beach was amazing and that calm and warm Caribbean sea is simply unbeatable. The colorful fishes are somehow always available to keep you company in the water and the water temperature is absolutely perfect!

Every day without exception my most difficult task was getting my oldest one out of the water - I'm sure that with a quick look down you can easily guess why...
Add to all of the above the amazing people of Mexico and you have just the ideal place for a dream vacations. From the hotel staff to the people from Playa del Carmen and Cancun everybody were super! A note to parents, my kid loved the hotel kids club and we ended up allowing a daily stay of a pair of hours - a great option to avoid staying too much time at the sun after lunch!

Like the previous time we just loved our Mexico stay! Can't wait to go back again :)

Hi again!

After a few months of inactivity I'm happy to let you know I'll be starting to write again soon. As to the motive for this intermission it couldn't be a happier one - the arrival of a new family member!!

As you may guess between the preparations and the welcoming to the family of my new born all my time has been reduced to far less than one needs. The past months have been both exhausting and exciting. I'm always tired but happy about it - it's a ride!

Since my youngest is now starting to let the family sleep, I'm hoping to have a bit more of free time so I expect to be writing again soon. Like in the past, we didn't let the new family member reach six months without a flight! It was a hit and I'll be sharing all about it in my next few posts! Just for a starter I'll leave you with a pic of our latest friend...

As you may guess it was absolutely crazy the luggage packing for a fifteen day trip over the Atlantic. Clothes for two adults and two kids along with baby food in two medium sized bags and a trolley? Is it even possible... Well, of course it is :)

Be back soon with some useful tips on how to pack for kids ;)